p1xl Games: Free this weekend!

Robin Harbron, one of the programmers of the Commodore All-in-One Joystick that was released a few years ago, announced earlier this weekend that his popular iOS game “P1XL Party – Retro Minigames!” is currently free this weekend on iTunes.

The original release of p1xl Party (1.0) contained three games: Marz, a flipped-upside-down version of Space Invaders; Wanderers, a top-down RPG; and Platform, a platform game featuring a bouncing ball. Each of the three games contains retro-Commodore 64-styled graphics and sound.

Version 1.1 of the app contains a fourth game titled Bounced, which the developer describes as a cross between “Pong and Herding”.

Normally $1.99, this weekend the app has been marked down to free. Additionally, free updates with new games have been promised. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, what’s not to like?

Link: p1xl Party on iTunes

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