Spider-Man (1967)

Sometimes you run across the best deals when you least expect them. Several years ago I found myself in the middle of a long road trip with a tired wife and two bored (and cranky) children. Having watched the same few episodes of SpongeBob one too many times in our minivan’s DVD player, I pulled into a random department store (Target, I believe) to stretch our legs and dig through their bargain DVDs in hopes of finding something else that would hold the kids’ attention for the remaining few hours of our trip.

What I found was this: the complete collection of 1967 Spider-Man cartoons for $19.95. Now that’s a bargain!


The 8-disc box-set contains all 52 episodes of the 1967-1970 animated series, presented in their original airing order. I wasn’t born when these originally aired, but I do remember watching them before the school bus arrived in the late 70s/early 80s. Back then I didn’t realize how cheesy some of the episodes were and how many episodes used recycled animation. Even realizing that now, they’re still pretty enjoyable.

While the box-set doesn’t contain any extras, each episode has been restored and looks as good as they probably ever will. The case trays are clear plastic, and each disc contains the image of a character from the show.


Although I didn’t know it at the time, it appears as though I ran across a heck of a deal. Used copies of the box set are selling for $60+ on Amazon, and the asking price for new copies is more than double that. For those of you not willing to shell out that kind of cash to watch the animated web-slinger in action, Netflix recently added all six discs to their inventory, and some of the discs are available for slinging … er, streaming as well.


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