Retro Hurricane Memories

Hurricanes can be retro, right? Sure they can.

As Hurricane Irene heads up the East Coast and threatens to give many of us a good what-for this weekend, I am hearing a lot of reports comparing it to a nearly 30 year old storm, saying that Irene will be the biggest pounding the East Coast has gotten since the wrath of this 1985 inclement weather legend:

Do you remember Hurricane Gloria? I do–sort of. I was seven and living in Pennsylvania at that time, and was mostly just thrilled that we had a day off from school. But aside of it being more windy and rainy than usual and the fact that we had no school, I have no other clear memories of that day–other than this. I mostly remember spending much if not all of that day watching reruns of Petticoat Junction–a show that a seven year old in the mid eighties considered a VERY poor alternative to Diff’rent Strokes or The Cosby Show. But Diff’rent Strokes wasn’t on. The Cosby Show wasn’t on. Nothing was on but weather reports and Petticoat Junction. And since I could look out the window to see weather, I went with Petticoat Junction.

So that’s what I remember most about Gloria–not destruction, excitement, or the wonder of Mother Nature, but rather a boredom so severe I took several rides on the little train that was rolling down the track to the Junction.

Petticoat. Junction.

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