Going Ape! (1981)

In the 1981 comedy, Going Ape!, Foster’s (Tony Danza) stands to inherit a 5 million dollar estate. IF and that is a challenging IF, he can keep a trio of pet orangutans safe and sound for the next five years. The film co-starred Danny DeVito who chews through scenes and Jessica Walters. It was directed by Jeremy Joe Kronsberg (who loved to write Ape movies — see those Clint Eastwood ape films) and it had music by Oscar Winner and I suppose Orangutan fan, Elmer Bernstein.

The film went into heavy rotation on HBO at some point in the 1980s because I remember laying on the couch watching it over and over and over again. I recently rewatched the film on Netflix Streaming and I have to say, the magic is still there…



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