Transformers: Beast Wars Seasons 2 & 3 Coming to DVD on October 4, 2011 from Shout! Factory

Great news Beast Wars fans!

A new war between the TRANSFORMERS has broken out, but the objectives remain the same – as do the stakes hanging in the balance.
OPTIMUS PRIMAL and his valiant MAXIMALS must stop MEGATRON and the treacherous PREDACONS from obtaining the ENERGON necessary to fuel their campaign to conquer the universe. Can OPTIMUS and the MAXIMALS rise to the challenge? The answer awaits in the thrilling conclusion to BEAST WARS!

Following the overwhelming success of the first season, the second and third seasons of BEAST WARS ramp up the breathtaking animation, heroic action, suspense and charm that helped make this series a staple for generations of TRANSFORMERS fans.

– Remembering The Spark Featurette
– Original Making of Beast Wars
– Art Gallery
– Original Character Models

Transformers: Beast Wars Seasons 2 & 3 hits the streets on October 4th, so pre-order your copy today.


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