Happy Star Wars Cake Day!

Happy Star Wars Cake Day!

Today is my 38th birthday, so Happy Birthday to me!

Every year for my birthday, my mom would bake me a cake and decorate it herself. One of her favorite things to do was to buy me a toy and stick it directly on top of the cake. I can remember getting many Star Wars toys that way. One year, she made me a strawberry cake with pink icing and on top of it was a Bespin Guard, a Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot, and a Twin Pod Cloud Car. I don’t know if everybody had this experience, but I have distinct memories of licking icing off of my new Star Wars toys and action figures each year.

I still get Star Wars cakes for my birthday from time to time. Back in the mid-90s when I got married, my sister-in-law continued the tradition by making me my very own Star Wars Groom’s cake. Yes, that’s one of my toys stuck in it (Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter), and yes, I had to lick the icing off of it after it was removed from the cake. Some things never change.

Star Wars Wedding Cake

I would really like to pick up a couple of those old Star Wars-shaped cake pans from the 70s and 80s, but they seem to be highly guarded by collectors and fetch a pretty penny. Maybe I will get lucky and get one tonight for my birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday! Star Wars themed birthdays can’t be beat.

  2. Happy Birthday Flack, hope its a good one.

  3. Happy B-Day, Flack! I’m expecting at the very least you’ll send us all pictures of what I hope is an awesome cake for this year?

  4. I would like to point out that because of this post being shared on Facebook, I have had a waterfall of well wishing. Much much more then on my actual birthday.

  5. I once managed to find an R2-D2 cake pan at a local flea market. It was in need of some love for sure. It had some light rust in it, but a good sanding later and it was good as new. I only paid 50 cents for it!

    I just love flea markets. Some of my greatest finds have been during flea markets, but you really have to be patient.

    Oh where are my manners! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Well, if you ever find six pieces of metal and feet, you can always make a Power Droid pan.

  7. Happy B-Day Flack!

    Hope one day you get to say “These *are* the droid pans I’ve been looking for !”.

  8. My wife did not disappoint!

    The door greeter at Sam’s Club said that cake would surely make some little boy happy. Then I told her it was for me and she rolled her eyes before having a good laugh. :)

  9. How dare she judge you?! Where is this Sam’s Club???

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