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The Iron Secret By Dan Hipp

I’ve posted the excellent art of Dan Hipp on the site before. I think it would be safe to say I am a fan of his artwork…but with this mash up of Georges Rémi’s Adventures of Tintin and Marvel Comics’s Iron Man…I weep that I can’t go out to my […]

Frankenstein Jr. by Sean Hartter

Taking place in Civic City, boy scientist Buzz Conroy and his father Professor Conroy fight supervillains with the aid of a powerful heroic robot named “Frankenstein Jr.” Depending on what cartoons you watched as a kid you might see a lot of parallels between Franky Jr and Gigantor.

Fruitopia, For When Crystal Pepsi Sounded Too Heavy

Back in the early ’90s, Snapple’s line of mostly-natural teas and juices were stealing market share from Coke. Coke responded with its own line of not remotely natural, super-sugary juices called Fruitopia. They tried to tap into the Snapple modern-hippie audience with trippy, psychedelic, ’60s-ish commercials, and crunchy granola-inspired names […]