Burger King Star Wars Glasses Commercial (1978)

Burger King Star Wars Glasses Commercial (1978)

Thanks to Flack’s Great Post on the retiring of “the King” as Burger King’s mascot, it reminded me of when Star Wars: A New Hope craze was sweeping the world and Burger King was the only place to get those amazing collectible Star Wars glasses featuring Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C-3P0 and R2-D2, as well as the villainous Darth Vader!

Thanks to j37h3r for posting this over on YouTube!

I mentioned in the comments of Flack’s post that I can clearly remember a teenager dressed up as the Burger King handing me a poster of Luke Skywalker before they began the glasses promotion. Thanks to Star Wars.Com for the image below you can see which poster I received that day. There were four posters in the series, painted by Del Nichols, a new poster each week…and even though in my youth my Father and I never had much in the way of money…he made sure that I got each of those posters and eventually glasses because he understood how much Star Wars meant to me. How did he accomplish this? He would do without lunch at the factory he worked at so we had enough that I could have a drink and the ‘luxury’ of a Burger King kid’s meal.


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  1. I had all four of these. I wish restaurants did glasses more often.

  2. I had a horrible accident when I was carrying my set of glasses from the car into my house as a kid. It still makes me sad.

  3. Wow, this piece brought back a lot of memories…I can really relate, as a trip to McDonalds or Burger King was a rare treat back then, and getting those glasses and posters seemed like the greatest thing in the whole world.

  4. @TheSixMillionDollarJedi When was the last time a restaurant did the glasses giveaway? Was it for a Star Trek film?

    @The Retroist I am sorry to hear that, friend. I hope at least you didn’t cut yourself or anything. Ouch.

    @Daniel Th1rte3n Thanks for the kind words, friend. Do you still find you get just a teensy bit excited when going to McDonald’s or Burger King? Because I know I do…not like I’m bouncing in the seat or anything I just get a little more happier. :)

  5. @VicSage: McDonalds recently (when the newest Shrek movie came out) did character glasses for Shrek characters but had to do a massive recall of the glasses because they were cheap glasses that had various toxins both in the glass and the paint.

  6. Yeah Shrek Forever After (2010) was probably the last fast food place I saw do a glass promotion. And Njones is right, they had to be recalled. The year before that was Star Trek but before then I can’t think of when the last glass promotion was. I wish Burger King would have done Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull glasses but they ended up doing toys.

  7. Yeah, that’s right. I remember the Shrek glasses now…kind of glad I didn’t pick any up now.

  8. Didn’t have any of the Star Wars glasses, but I did have all four of the Empire Strikes Back glasses. I remember getting an Empire Strikes Back sticker book from BK also, you could get different stickers each week and complete the movie scenes in the album.

  9. Burger King also had posters that one of my friends had and I was so envious of him as I had no way to get them. Glasses were a fun collectors item that is not often done these days. They had useable glasses given away at resturants, gas stations and heck even Peanut Butter jars. Funny how giveaways change!

  10. dunno, if they were recalled you should regret not picking them up :P Atleast then they would be collectables…….. no point in getting them to drink out of you can get htem from walmart if that’s the case.

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