My Jacob Bromwell Original Popcorn Popper

Summer has been rolling along and as it has, I have been trying to devote more of my evening time to watching movies. Older comedies and of course horror dominate my summer as they always have during the rerun doldrums of summer. Because of my movie watching habit, the summer has always been the time in my life when I would increase the amount of popcorn I ate. After all it is the perfect accompaniment to movies.

I have gone through many phases of popcorn preparation in my life. Only to find as I get older that I am getting back to basics. I started out as a kid with an air popper or when my parents were in the mood we would get tasty stove top popcorn. Then we got our first radar range and with that we began microwaving our own popcorn in bags.

Then the microwave popcorn started showing up in the supermarket and I did not look back. Until recently that is, when I happened to stay at a hotel that once again introduced me to fresh popped stove top popcorn. I was hooked.

I needed to make my own stove top popcorn! So I started looking for the popper that was right for me. Here is the thing though, I also have a fireplace and their is a part of me that had dreamed…no yearned….to pop corn over an open fire on cold winter nights. So what I needed was a popper that could do double duty on the stove and in the fireplace. I did some online searching when I stumbled across the Jacob Bromwell website.

Jacob Bromwell, established in 1819(!) is a specialty housewares company that manufactures authentic campfire, kitchen, and fireplace products. Their products are old school, which in this case of my new popcorn popper, means they are made well and look like something you could have found around the house, cabin or campsite at anytime in the last 150+ years. I browsed their options before finally settled on this model.

Shipping was prompt and the day I got it I followed the simple directions for the stovetop cooking. A little oil, some corn and some heat and you get delicious popcorn. I know microwaving is easy, but compared to what? It maybe takes an extra 3 minutes to make the popcorn in the Bromwell Popper and I got to say, the results are like night and day, especially after a liberal amount of butter and salt (oh and pepper! try pepper!). One suggestion though, pay attention to what is going on with the popper. Just like microwave corn, you need to listen to your popcorn and take it off quickly or you can burn it. Don’t like those unpopped kernels in your bowl? Just turn your popper upside down and they slip right out and leave the popcorn behind. (Tip: Buy good popcorn).

I was happy with my purchase, but looking over into the corner of my living room the fireplace loomed large. What would popcorn over the fire taste like? Am I foolish enough to get a roaring fire going in 100 degree summer heat just to have fireplace popped popcorn? You better believe it folks. I will not be denied my dream.

I waited for a rainy night and lit a fire. Now I cannot say that a roaring fire is all that satisfying in the summer, but popping popcorn over one is awesome! I felt like Daniel Boone! (who I am sure never popped popcorn in his living room, but instead would wrestle bears by firelight) The fireplace required the same if not more vigilance than the stove and I ruined my first batch because I was giggling like a school kid as it popped. I actually might have yelled out “Its popping!” Daniel Boone and I have so much in common. (Although I am sure Daniel Boone was not forced to spend the evening in a 100 degree living room trying to enjoy old cartoons after eating 3 bowls of popcorn.)

I am a big fan of my Jacob Bromwell Original Popcorn Popcorn and if you have the same sort of popcorn fantasies that I harbor, you will probably enjoy one yourself. So take a look at the Jacob Bromwell website and consider ordering yourself up one today. Did I mention that you can roast chestnuts in this thing??? Chestnuts! Roasting on an open fire!!! Like the song! Bring on the winter!


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