Carol Burnett Bloopers

Carol Burnett Bloopers and Outtakes

Oh the joys of watching the Carol Burnett Show! It was funny on so many levels, but nothing please me more as a kid as when I saw the actors break on the show. Breaking are those moments when they can’t keep it together and break out of character. With sketch comedy that is usually because they start laughing. This became a big problem for the Carol Burnett Show because they happened to have some very funny people working there including Mr. Tim Conway. His silliness could break even the most seasoned and professional actor.

A lot of my exposure to the show came in the form of re-runs. Episodes that older members of my family would have watched in its initial run. Whenever they said to me, “Oh, this is a good episode,” it was always because of bloopers.

Seing is more convincing. So I think I will let the show illustrate its own strength.

Here is a clip that features Carol, Vicki Lawrence, Dick Van Dyke and of course Tim Conway. It will make you wonder if Tim Conway tried to crack everyone up all the time or it just came natural to him?

Watch Carol Burnett Bloopers

If you like what you see, might I suggest you check out the Carol Burnett Ultimate Collection? It contains 62 hours of some of the funniest comedy to ever be shown on TV. Plus you will find more than enough of those wonderful Carol Burnett Bloopers.


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