3D Arcade at Mameworld

Thanks to cap811 for bringing this to our attention:

The 3D Arcade project at Mameworld is an attempt to combine models and artwork of classic arcade games and cabinets with the ultimate goal of placing them in an immersive 3D FPS environment. In their own words, “We hope that this site will grow to become a general repository of assets for building a virtual arcade and more specific for 3d models free for personal, non-commercial and non-public use. This site will not only provide geometry models but also bitmaps and videos that can be used as (animated) textures.” The project has promise and can use your support, so drop on by and check it out.


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2 thoughts on “3D Arcade at Mameworld

  1. Tim Murphy says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I really can’t praise this project adequately, it’s amazing. If any of you commuted via Penn Station in the late 70s/early 80s you would remember this (the entrance to the Station Break Arcade:


    This is just one of the old arcades that have been recreated in great detail. Time Out is another one that’s available (there are lots). The focus isn’t just arcades – a great deal of work has gone into modeling the old classic arcade and pinball machines. If you swing by the site you’ll see the large number of systems they’ve recreated. And (in the original intent of the project to function as a home arcade system front-end) you can wander around an arcade, go up to a machine, double-click, and (based on your configuration) the app will fire up MAME or MESS (or the appropriate emulator) and launch the game you’re at.

    If anyone is interested I can save you some time going through their forums and post their links to the files to set this up.

    My fantasy (well, one of them) is to set up a room with 4 projectors (1 for each wall) and 1 seriously tricked-out PC and run this as a 360 degree environment. I imagine it would be pretty close to the Holodeck, minus physical objects and the potential to be killed when the safety protocols were overridden.

    Can you tell I love this thing? :^)

  2. Tim Murphy says:

    Forgot to mention – if you walked up a bit from the Station Break (towards the A subway line IIRC) there was this on the left:


    I remember when it first opened – people were stopping short and bumping into each other when they saw the Space Invaders machines (working!) hanging from the ceiling.

    It was hard to get to school some mornings :^)…

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