Micro Machines!

In the world of short text and the value of tacit yet poignant messages, Micro Machines commercials managed to jam a multitude of information in a compact manner. Think you forgot about that commercial? Oh no. It’s sitting lodged somewhere in an obscure crevice of your cranium. Let us take a look back and refresh your memory.

Apparently this is John Moschitta Jr., but I knew him as the man in the Micro Machine commercials. Known for his gift as a quick talking guru, John Moschitta Jr. showcased his speaking style on various shows. See him here on Sesame Street going over his child’s multiple names, which each start with a different letter of the alphabet. Today, someone with this style of speaking would probably be given drug prescriptions for hyperactivity.

If you had Micro Machines growing up, then they are probably sitting next to a deflated pogo-ball in a box stored in your parent’s garage. Did you collect Hot Wheels or was your preferred toy vehicle a Micro Machine? I personally played with Hot Wheels and outgrew cars by the time Micro Machines were released. However, I did not outgrow Saturday Morning Cartoons so I was impressed when I watched their commercials. In this age of criticizing and mocking hoarders, Micro Machine fanatics sort of seem ahead of their time now. Collect more cars yet save space!

If it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing!


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  1. I loved this ad campaign. I was always surprised that John Moschitta Jr. did not get a LOT more work based on his talent.

  2. He certainly got around, at least. Blurr from Transformers and a teacher on Saved by the Bell are two more of his roles I remember him from.

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