Nightmare Ned

Nightmare Ned was an animated series that ran on ABC from April 19, 1997 to July 5, 1997 that was based on the creepy video game developed by Creative Capers Entertainment. The under-appreciated show was about a 10 year old boy named Ned Needlemeyer who dealt with his daily problems with nightmares (loved it!). 25 episodes of the show would be produced, but the show ran over budget and never quite caught on for some reason. I think about the show every time that the fall season starts approaching.

It just seems to me that Nightmare Ned would be ripe for cult status, but I am not sure enough people have seen it to make it so. One thing is for sure, getting it released on home video would certainly be a good start — c’mon Disney!

If you search on YouTube, you can find some episodes of the show and enjoy it low quality pieces.

and if you have the time and the technology, you can pick up the video game that started it all on Amazon or Ebay.


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