When Rock Stars Make Video Games: Kris Kross in “Make My Video”

Two things from the ‘90s that had major promise, opened big, and quickly disappeared from our collective hearts and consciousness: backwards-clothes wearing child rappers Kris Kross and the before-its-time Genesis peripheral called the Sega CD. Enabling players to enjoy a CD-Rom like experience on a home console and while also allowing the computing power for real video could have yielded an amazing, forward-thinking gaming experience. Except that the technology was most prominently used on the Make My Video series.

Players were tasked with making a music video for Kris Kross via rearranging actual video clips, adding in stock footage, and applying one of a small collection of special effects. The downside: compiling anything was awkward and tedious and it took hours to make anything. Just like real editing! And if you didn’t like Kris Kross, Make My Video titles were also available for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and INXS. Still, it’s kind of a cool idea for a game, sort of a My First iMovies, in which you could make My First YouTube Tribute Video.

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