Final Two Weekends for Re-Animator: The Musical!

A mighty thanks to our friends over at Green Galactic for the heads up, a warning if you will that if you are a fan of the classic Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator you have a mere two weeks to get to the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood before the opportunity is gone forever.

Remember that our very own Vinvectrex gave his review of the production and it was highly favorable. We also had the opportunity to have the Director of the Production, Stuart Gordon, and the cast answer some question in an Q & A.

Thanks to Graham Skipper (Herbert West) for posting these two videos over on YouTube. The first is from the Carson Daly show with an interview and a bit of behind the scenes with Stuart Gordon.

The second is Graham Skipper and Jesse Merlin (Dr. Hill) having a bit of fun at the San Diego Comic-Con last week!

Tickets for Re-Animator: The Musical may be purchased Here and remember that if you sit in the splash zone…dress appropriately.


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