When Rock Stars Make Video Games: Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker”

When Rock Stars Make Video Games: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

In Revolution X, discussed yesterday, you play as some random kid who has to save Aerosmith from seethingly evil bad guys bent on world domination. In Moonwalker (1990), you play as Michael Jackson, who has to save some random kids from a seethingly evil bad guy bent on world domination.

As a sort of extension of the “Smooth Criminal” video and related segment of the Jackson’s Moonwalker straight-to-video movie, you’re up against Mr. Big, who like any good ’80s villain is a drug dealer who wants to harm children. After trailing him through nightclubs, Mr. Big escapes and eventually takes a bunch of kidnapped children to the moon, where he’s funneled the billions of dollars he’s presumably earned selling drugs to ghetto street urchins into a massive laser that is trained on the Earth. Mr. Big is all set to completely destroy the world, although that would certainly kill any and all markets for his delicious, high-quality drugs.

But look out Mr. Big, because here comes you, as Michael Jackson, in a sweet 1930s Prohibition-era gangster-style white suit, except that you are a good guy, and instead of tommy guns and hired goons, you are tasked with defeating Mr. Big with your dance moves…which fortuitously shoot out bad-guy killing magic bits, as well as the occasional Michael Jackson “hooo!”


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