The Coolest Trapper Keeper Ever – Nintendo Power!

With the Retroist community’s well-documented love of the Trapper Keeper and the various pretenders to its scholarly throne, I thought I’d share the coolest (and most important) one I ever owned. It was 1989 or so and I think it was my aunt that gave me this for my birthday.

Not only did it have the awesome Nintendo Power branding, it also came with the TMNT issue and , more importantly, a one year subscription to the magazine (which was, to an 11-year old boy, the pinnacle of man’s achievement in the realm of the printed word). The notion that I’d be getting 12 issues of Nintendo Power sent to my door was almost too much to take. It was one of those times when the adults in your life just weren’t capable of understanding how happy they’d made you.

Needless to say I brought that bad boy to school come August and strutted around thinking I was the coolest guy in the world.

Did anyone else have this extra-rad binder?


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