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Nostalgia reigned supreme this Friday night as Hot Pink Heather and I queued up Loverboy from Netflix Instant Watch, a movie I saw on HBO sometime early in my high school years. I was suprised to rediscover that Loverboy started with an extended animated scene in which the credits were revealed in “cute” little ways (one named formed out of the car exhaust, etc). As I watched these credits, I realized that many movies in the ’80s had cartoon credits like this. Such credits weren’t unique to the ’80s, of course (I think the first movie that had them was It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World). But there were enough movies in the ’80s with such openings that it could be considered a trend. Here’s a few examples:

John Carpenter has said that white credits on a black background is a sure sign of a low budget feature (I think he says this on The Thing commentary track), and that makes a lot of sense. I don’t know that animated credits are the sign of a big budget feature, and considering how bad some of them are, I’m not sure they even are a wise chose. But they were a choice that many movie makers made back then, and that some still make today.


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