Madonna Borderline

Extended Remix in Its Infancy

So I have this in my personal collection. Not sure how you feel, but if I didn’t already have it, I’d be a little jealous of me.

Madonna Borderline

Released in 1984, this is the 12″ maxi single of the extended versions of Borderline (side A) and Lucky Star (side B).

I am 97% certain that I only have this record because at the time, I probably wanted to buy something else of hers, but this is all The Wall–the record store in my dinky mall at the time–had. But the best thing about it, something I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate right away, was what a long way the extended mix has come since this record. Now, an extended mix of any song is intricate, taken apart then put back together with pieces from many sound sources and samples, and often the finished remix can sound like a completely different song from the original. But back then, extended mix pretty much equaled looooong drum machine solo.

I guess we had to start somewhere.

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