Wild West City Deputy Marshall’s Badge

My Uncle lived up in Northern New Jersey and a few times when I visited him we went over to Netcong, NJ to visit the classic old west attraction, Wild West City. I loved it and I still have a few trinkets from my trips there. This badge saw a lot of action the summer I got it and then went into a box until last year. It has now been turned into a magnet that sits on my refrigerator and makes me happy whenever I grab a drink.


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3 thoughts on “Wild West City Deputy Marshall’s Badge

  1. Sedona says:

    I used to live in the next town over, Budd Lake. I had been to Wild West City several times for birthday parties and such. Thank you so much for reminding me of that. I live in Arizona now and I have to admit, the show there was just as good as the authentic wild west shows out here. Remember the stagecoach robberies? The panning for gold? GREAT memories. THank you so much for being my bright spot this boring old Wednesday :)

  2. Hippy Cowboy says:

    Went there first time when I was 8 and remember seeing an outlaw get shot off the roof of the Silver Dollar Saloon. Now my kids want to practically live there! Gotta take my son at least twice every summer. All the cowboys are real friendly. Marshall Ken and his deputy Joe picked my son to be Judge and sentence the outlaws to a “hanging.”
    We always pack a lunch and I just sit around while the kids run around like crazy. Always a great time at Wild West City!…oh and now my son(age 9) wants to work there!

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