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I’ve mentioned before of my love for the movie The Third Man, so you can imagine my delight when our friends over at Radio Archives offered to let me review the third collection in the fantastic Lives of Harry Lime series, starring Orson Welles himself no less!

Radio Archives – The Lives of Harry Lime by VicSage2005

Radio Archives made sure to transfer the audio directly from the full set of original 16″ transcriptions for all three collections with state of the art technology so as to ensure the absolute optimum quality. Not bad wouldn’t you say for a radio program that is over 60 years old?

I was thrilled to listen to Harry Lime’s earlier adventures before the events of the Third Man, sometimes you just can’t help but like a scoundrel in the vein of Lime I reckon, though the radio series is a bit lighter in tone than the movie. The thrill of these fantastic radio programs is most definitely the charisma of Orson Welles, you can just picture him giving that playful smirk with his wonderful Tommy Gun like delivery with that fantastic Noir narration.

The Lives of Harry Lime was produced in London, England during their 1951 to 1952 season. It was not a BBC produced radio program however, that honor went to Harry Alan Towers. Though the BBC did acquire 16 of the 52 episode it was the first time the BBC broadcast episodes of a series that it did not produce.

The third volume of the Lives of Harry Lime contains episodes 33 – 42 of the series:

#33 Violets Sweet Violets
#34 Faith Lime and Charity
#35 Pleasure Before Business
#36 Fool’s Gold
#37 Man of Mystery
#38 The Painted Smile
#39 Harry Lime Joins the Circus
#40 Suzie’s Cue
#41 Viva La Chance
#42 The Elusive Vermeer

Do yourself a favor, friends. Follow the link provided up top to Radio Archives, download one of the many enjoyable collections they offer and then turn off the lights and let yourself be transported to the theatre of the mind as you listen to classic radio programming!


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