Original Star Wars Video Store Standees

Original Star Wars Video Store Standees

When Star Wars came out on video back in 1982, it was kind of a big deal. These very cool Standees were sent to video stores to help push the title (like they needed any help). I was on a waiting list for 7 weeks with my friends to finally get a copy and I am pretty sure that they kept this standee in the store until it was about to fall apart. I wanted it even at the very end. Leave it to Hake’s to not just be selling one, but two of these items.

According to Hake’s

25×31″ and 14.5×12″ standees created in 1982 for the first VHS/Beta release of the classic 1977 sci-fi film. Each standee features same art as seen on the “Star Wars” one-sheet movie poster and depicts Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia with droids C-3PO and R2-D2 while large ominous image of villain Darth Vader appears in bkg with Death Star under attack. The larger of the two has two metal grommets at top corners for hanging display. Missing original easel back. Scattered wear to margins with moderate creases on top corners and at lower left of separate “Star Wars” die-cut title. Silver foil borders still display bright and glossy. Fine overall. Smaller counter display has lt. corner tip wear. Easel intact on back with clear tape across back in two strips and 3 foam tape fasteners in corners. VF. Scarce and impressive display pieces.

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