Behind The Scenes: Explorers (1985)

Thanks as always to Quint and his amazing behind the scenes series of pics over at Ain’t It Cool News and a huge tip of the hat to Jelle Boucher who provided the photo!

I’m not sure about all of you but I have a soft spot for this Joe Dante (Gremlins, Innerspace) helmed Sci-Fi adventure starring Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, and Bobby Fite.


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3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Explorers (1985)

  1. Doug says:

    Love this movie. The third act is kind of a disappointment, and it isn’t what Dante had wanted, but I still love the idea that three guys find a force field and just say, “Hey, let’s build a space ship!”

  2. Quite true, Doug. As usual, Joe Dante, peppers his movies with references from classic films and his own like Rosebud being in a shot in the junkyard or the Gremlins reference in the newspaper, “Kingston Falls ‘Riot’ Still Unexplained”.

  3. Dax says:

    I used to daydream about finding myself in this scenario when I was a kid. Even drew pictures of the “ship” I would build for it.

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