Return To Krypton – Superman Returns Deleted Scene

Those fans that purchased the Blu-Ray Superman Anthology found this little nugget of greatness with the Superman Returns film. The deleted original opening scene where Kal-El (Superman, not Nicolas Cage’s son) is investigating the remains of the Planet Krypton.

Now I am one of those people that really loved Superman Returns, I thought it was great that it’s director, Bryan Singer, stuck to the Richard Donner film universe as his playground. Now personally I think that they should have kept this as the opening to the film.

A huge thanks to Andy Khouri over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on the video!


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3 thoughts on “Return To Krypton – Superman Returns Deleted Scene

  1. That was better than most of the movie. Vic’s right: it should have been the opening sequence, and let the credits rolls as he barely escapes the kryptonite sea.

  2. eeyore24601 says:

    One scene does not a movie make. If I wanted to see the first film… with Supers Jr., I would have made a fan fiction story and had it flamed by true fanboys. This movie sucked. I fell asleep to it. I am 40 so I remember the Donner film. I didn’t go to Sups Returns to see Donner revisioned. I went to see a whole new Sups. Much like oh and I hate to throw it out there but I will … Batman Begins! Nuff Said!

  3. vinvectrex says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Superman Returns the first time I saw it, but it has grown on me since. This would’ve been a great addition to the film.

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