Instrumentally Speaking’s 8-bit Podcast Featuring Peachy

Instrumentally Speaking, which is music based podcast for independent musicians by an independent musician, independently, by The Zerbinator, has a new show up this week that featured Retroist contributor and pal, Peachy Moonshine. The show turned out great (as all of them do) and it is great to hear Peachy getting the adulation he so richly deserves. So if you like the 8-bit music and especially the music of Peachy, drop by, download and check it out.

Download Instrumentally Speaking’s 8-bit Podcast Featuring Peachy

It has been pointed out to me, that I should mention that I recorded a small piece for this episode. So I did that, you have my permission to fast forward through it to get to the good stuff :)


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7 thoughts on “Instrumentally Speaking’s 8-bit Podcast Featuring Peachy

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great show, Zerbinator!
    Enjoyed every bit of it (bit? get it? bit? – eh, I know).

    Lotsa cool soundtrack sounds (Peachy’s tops!) and gotta say Zelda would probably be on my own shortlist mainly because, besides being just cool soundtrack music, I played so much of the first game late at night, with just those sounds in the house.
    It was one of those games that gave the immersive feel of going about in another world, and the music played a big part of that.

    I’d probably add Gyruss cuz the notes played out like a spaceship ride.

    Gotta have to check out Rob Hubbard’s work, now.

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