The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret Of The Unicorn Full Movie Trailer

I am kind of excited for a Spielberg helmed Tintin, but I have two misgivings. Misgiving the first. I kind of thought Tintin would have a different accent. I did not expect English. Misgiving the second. While it looks pretty good, it borders on the edge of the uncanny valley. Wonder if it will hold up.


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3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret Of The Unicorn Full Movie Trailer

  1. It looks squarely planted right in the very heart of Uncanny Valley to me. I don’t understand the desire to approach photo realism with something like this. If it’s animated, why not make it resemble the original artwork? Also, I don’t see the appeal of the property itself. Nothing really looks very interesting about it.

  2. Badwolf says:

    The thing that I’m digging about this is: I was a HUGE Tintin fan when I was a kid; Steven Moffat had a hand in the screenplay (Steven Moffat is a writer andf producer for the current DOCTOR WHO, which is one of the consistently best shows on TV at the moment) and it’s coming out right before Christmas (12-23-11 according to the poster at the local Harkins Theater).

    I’m going.

    You have to embrace a certain mindset with Tintin. Here’s a cub reporter who’s not afraid to grab a gun and start firing at the bad guys. He’s not afraid of danger, and often gets caught. There will be troubles along the way, but things will generally work out at least OKAY for Tintin and Snowy.

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