Re-Animator: Dawn of the Re-Animator (1991)

While perusing the shelves of my local comic shop back in my youth during 1991, I was totally blown away when I saw the first issue of the Adventure Comics series, Re-Animator: Dawn of the Re-Animator. I snatched up the book and rejoiced at it’s blurb, “Based on the Hit Horror Movie!”.

That was enough enticement for me as I quickly added it to my stack and fought the urge to read the book on the way home. The story begins with Herbert West shortly after the…unfortunate incident…involving his colleague Doctor Gruber. Now West is desperately trying to not only avoid jail time, and the loss of funding by the University, but to prove his serum is a success!

However, Eric Metler, is a man of power and means who has learned of what is essentially immortality..and he will stop at nothing to retrieve the formula. Herbert West also finds himself in conflict with the Zurich police, Gruber’s daughter, and the University’s Board of Inquiry!

Sadly I was only able to get the first and fourth issue…but someday I’ll find them! A big thanks to Comic Vine for the wonderful scanned comic book covers!


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