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Johnny Cool on DVD

Johnny Cool is a 1963 thriller directed by William Asher that stars Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery. The movie is about a mob war, which is cool (Johnny Cool?), and the film is action packed, but before you watch it keep in mind that this is 1963 action. So manage […]

Down Three Dark Streets on DVD

Down Three Dark Streets was a 1954 documentary-style film noir. It was directed by Arnold Laven with a screenplay written by Gordon and Mildred Gordon, based on their novel Case File FBI. In the film FBI agent John Ripley investigates three cases his murdered partner was working on, hoping to […]

Worlds of Wonder was a class act

Wonder. The 1980’s was full of it. The ‘80s were an era of wonder. They were for me; I was just coming of age in the mid-‘80s and found wonder wherever I looked. They were for others as well. Many people likewise found wonder wherever they looked, so many that […]

Re-Animator: The Musical – Q & A

Thanks again to Green Galactic as well as to Stuart Gordon, Graham Skipper, Jesse Merlin, and Rachel Avery for being so generous as to take time from their busy performance schedules on Re-Animator: The Musical to answer a few questions! Graham Skipper Medical student Herbert West (Graham Skipper) Photo credit: […]

Re-Animator: The Musical Reviewed!

A huge thanks to our friends over at Green Galactic for not only allowing our very own Vinvectrex and his compatriot to experience Re-Animator: The Musical for themselves but for being gracious enough to allow us to interview the cast of the production to boot which we will post just […]

Re-Animator VS Sin City

I so very much wish this was a real movie…Paul L. Petzrick deserves some kudos for his editing of these two movies into a cult film fan’s dream come true. Thanks to greatsharkhunt for uploading this over on YouTube. I’d pay very good money to see Herbert West and Marv […]