Curse of the Faceless Man on DVD

Curse of the Faceless Man is a B-movie gem that has just been re-released on DVD as part of MGM’s Limited Edition Collection (I have no idea what that means). While I might not understand the collection, I am very happy with this release. I recorded this movie late one night when I was in High School and I insisted that my friends watch it with me more than a dozen times afterwards. It got to the point that when we were just hanging around doing other stuff, Curse of the Faceless Man would be on in the background. Mind you, this is not a “good” movie, but it is a great film to poke fun at and sometimes manages to surprise you (especially if you watch it 18 dozen times).

The plot is “simple”. While excavating Pompeii, a stone-encrusted body is found with a bronze medallion bearing a strange Etruscan inscription. Carlo Fiorillo, Italian archaeologist and swell guy, speculates that this stoney body may still hold some life, but medical researcher Paul Mallon scoffs at the idea. Who do you suppose is right? Well we find out soon enough when people left alone with the “faceless man” keep dying of crushed skulls. Wonderful stuff…

Looks pretty amazing huh? Well it is (in a terrible way). So if you are looking for a fun Saturday morning film to watch with your friends and family, pick up Curse of the Faceless Man on DVD. It is late 1950s throwaway cinema at its finest and is guaranteed (by no one) to delight viewers for years to come.

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