Book of Love

I was determined to see a Keith Coogan movie tonight. I couldn’t get my Netflix copy of Dont’ Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead to work, and I had watched Adventures In Babysitting Tuesday, so that was out. That left this one:

A great and greatly-underappreciated movie, Book of Love is one of my favs for a couple of reasons. The first is that Jack’s group of friends are very similar to mine, I am very similar to Jack, and their experiences were very similar to ours (including the junk car). The second is that it has a sweetness that most modern movies (including Super 8; sorry, guys) are just missing, a sweetness that was characteristic of the “group of kids” movies of that time, movies like Explorers and The Goonies and The Quest. Man, I miss those kinds of movies, and I miss those days, too.


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