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Hi-C Peach is Just Peachy

Can you imagine how excited the advertising folks were when they got the memo about peach flavored Hi-C? They probably sketched a couple of “Peachy” slogans up that afternoon and then played golf for the rest of the month. Good times. I personally was never a fan of the stuff. My flavors are grape and orange, but my sisters would always manage to get a can or two into the grocery rotation every month. I think they would make mock cocktails with this stuff and Orange Juice. At least I think it was mock. Hmmm, come to think of it, no wonder those Sunday breakfasts got so raucous.

peach hi-c ad

This scan comes from the always high quality collection of bluwmongoose and is part of the ever-growing Retroist Photo Pool on Flickr (more fun than a barrel of photos of monkey).


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