Captain America II: Death Too Soon

This movie was awesome. At least, awesome on my VHS copy that had been tape off of TV and I watched when I was ten. (Incidentally, the tape also had Hooper’s Salem’s Lot.)

Starring Reb Brown as the first Avenger and Christopher Lee as Miguel – the bad guy with a bio weapon that accelerates the aging process! Lee suffers a fate at his own hands by the film’s end.

Part 1 is here.

[Submitted] Patrick J. Doody


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3 thoughts on “Captain America II: Death Too Soon

  1. 13thGeneral says:

    Nice. I remember that show from my youth…

    ..sorry, just took a nap during that boring 3min opening sequence. Not a good start.

  2. I would gobble up everything Cap related as a kid. I am hoping that this new movie is finally the thing that lives up to some of my expectations.

    Great find.

  3. patrick j doody says:

    You know, I’m reading what I wrote for the submission of this, and it’s horribly written.

    And I write for a living!

    Anyway – I hope everyone enjoys this. The opening is long and slow, but it gets pretty good. It’s always very exciting when he rides his motorcycle.



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