Radioactive Dreams (1985)

Is this Albert Pyun film the greatest post-apocalyptic movie of all time? Perhaps. Is this the greatest post-apocalyptic movie with two kids raised up in a nuclear bomb shelter with nothing but pulp detective novels and wonderful swing music records as their only entertainment…that also showcases a giant mutant rat and ends with a dance number? Absolutely!

Radioactive Dreams stars John Stockwell as Phillip Chandler and Michael Dudikoff as Marlowe Hammer, two children rescued as the entire stockpile of the world’s nuclear weapons blow up…

…but are luckily rescued by George Kennedy and Don Murrary and raised as their sons. Sadly with all of that great reading and listening material when their ‘fathers’ bail on them they grow up thinking the world is just like the books they’ve read. It’s a bit of a rude awakening for them to be sure but as the only surviving private detectives left in a radioactive world full of mutants and monster…well, they can handle whatever comes at them…in style.

Careful, there are SPOILERS in this video…if you speak German.

Sadly there has been no DVD release for this absolutely fantastic cult classic. Which is why the quality of the videos is so low…so if you own the rights to this and happen to be a fan of the site…it’s time to get to work.


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