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Us Tareyton smokers would rather light than fight!

I am sure that “Us Tareyton smokers would rather light than fight!” is a clever pun that I just don’t understand. OK I get it is a reference to the lights branding, but what else does it mean? Does it refer to how easy they are to smoke? Does it refer to you fighting for your right to smoke? Fighting emphysema?

I need to know!

tareyton ad


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6 thoughts on “Us Tareyton smokers would rather light than fight!

  1. I got some insight from a smoker at the time who speculates that the ad references other cigarettes and the ad campaigns of the time and their fighting over who was the lightest.

  2. Larry L says:

    It’s a variation of their usual line, “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!”, accompanied by a photo of a model hefting an unlit cig and sporting a black eye. I guess the “white eye” signifies how much “lighter” their new product is.

  3. Thank you Larry! I just did a search on ads from the time and I see what you are talking about. I was staring at that white eye while scanning this ad and was wondering if it was a printing problem or something :P

  4. Patrick Brooks says:

    Larry is exactly correct. The “I’d rather fight than switch” campaign was around for all of my childhood and probably earlier.

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