Oh, no! It’s Mr. Yuk!

When I was young, I was taken to the emergency room because I had downed a bunch of purple (grape flavored) medicine. For some reason, I associate that experience with “Mr. Yuk”.

Mr. Yuk is a character that is supposed to keep children away from poison, cleaning fluids and paint. Parents could opt to place green-round stickers on things that children should avoid in the house. However, the fluorescent green color wasn’t yucky enough, but actually attractive to a young child – like moth to a flame.

Here is a link to a 70s era PSA which is a terrifying combination of fire, knives, psychedelic images and out of control appliances.

The throbbing, wheezing moog synthesizer soundtrack combined with the stylized cartoon graphics was enough to send any child running out of the room in fear. Especially in the 70s when electronic sounds were new and strange to the ears.

This had to be one of the scariest things on TV since Sesame Street decided to help kids learn to count to 10. Mr Nobody – a strange disembodied head that spoke numbers in front of GGI squiggly lines and a bubbling Moog soundtrack, also had children running out of the room in fear (check out the youtube comments on this video)

I sure miss those days of hiding behind the couch!


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