Hopefully I won’t lose my status as a Team Retroist member for this, but I have to admit that I never had a Commodore 64. I saw one (I think) at a friend’s house, and I had heard of them, but I never used or had one. I didn’t get into computers until the Windows 3.1/World Wide Web days. For that reason, I didn’t immediately jump on Rob O’Hara’s Commodork: Sordid Tales From A BBS Junkie. kept telling me I would like this book, but I wasn’t sure and so filed it away for possible later reading. But after the author commented on my recent post about the Retro Game Hacks book , I decided to give Commodork a chance.

I was very glad I did. Commodork doesn’t just cover the Commodore BBS era but basically all of video gaming from its earliest days (O’Hara describes playing with a home pong console that sounds like a Telstar to me) to the early Internet days. There is a lot of information about classic products, which I always enjoy, and lots of personal memories, which I enjoy as well. My favorite of the latter was his story of how a guy abused the chicken nuggets he had purchased for a friend at a copyfest. LOL indeed.

I know the Commodore 64 is much loved here on The Retroist blog, and so I know we’ll all enjoy that aspect of the book. I also know all of us have had experiences like O’Hara had, not just the computer experiences but the human experiences, so I know we’ll all enjoy that aspect of it as well. At .99 cents for the Kindle Version, it is a steal. Make sure to give it a try, and also make sure to never ask O’Hara to pick up chicken nuggets for you.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Amazon’s kept telling me that I might enjoy this one too – but failed to let me know how reasonable it is. At 99 cents, how can I resist? Thanks for the heads up on this.

  2. I bought this a few days ago and I’m a few chapters in. Really liking it so far.

  3. The author of this book and I are definitely kindred spirits. In the book he tells tales of going to other peoples houses or meeting people at specific places to trade game disks, and I can tell many a story of doing the exact same thing. You know, the funny thing was, I wasn’t truly that interested in playing all of the games, it was more of the social aspect of getting together and trading them. Call it Pokemon before Pokemon became a national craze.

    The BBS days were truly great, fun times. The speeds were pathetic on the modems and I can remember many of morning waking up and finding out that instead of a new downloaded game, I had a connection drop and had to start all over again!!

    We had a local Mom and Pop computer store where I lived and I got to know the owners very well. They would let me crack open any new C64 game they got in and let me play it. They did this because they knew that I knew a ton more about the games than they did and that I would help them sell more! Funny thing was, the owner of the store gave me my first modem and shortly after I learned to use it, I didn’t have much use for going back to the store because I was getting tons of new stuff almost on a daily basis.

    Of course, I still love playing C64 games, but these days it is through emulation. Unlike the author, I had no trouble selling my C64, disk drive and all the games I did buy in one massive ebay auction. I did this after I found out that the emulators worked amazing well.

    I won’t bother to list out the hundreds of C64 games I did play and loved, but needless to say my friends loved coming to my house to play them.

    This book is a great read and surely brought back tons of memories for me of the days when computing was much simpler, and in my opinion, while the games of course didn’t look as good, they sure did play better!

  4. Chiming in with a “me too.” I read this book a while back, before it was on Kindle. It’s great.

  5. This book is a great read, I’ve read it twice. If you grew up in this era, owned a C64 and were a copy freak, this will be a fantastic flashback. In some cases it was as if I was reading stories about myself!


  6. Thanks for posting this! I never know about this book but it sounds like it was written about me…and for only .99 on the Kindle!!!

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