Hopefully I won’t lose my status as a Team Retroist member for this, but I have to admit that I never had a Commodore 64. I saw one (I think) at a friend’s house, and I had heard of them, but I never used or had one. I didn’t get into computers until the Windows 3.1/World Wide Web days. For that reason, I didn’t immediately jump on Rob O’Hara’s Commodork: Sordid Tales From A BBS Junkie. kept telling me I would like this book, but I wasn’t sure and so filed it away for possible later reading. But after the author commented on my recent post about the Retro Game Hacks book , I decided to give Commodork a chance.

I was very glad I did. Commodork doesn’t just cover the Commodore BBS era but basically all of video gaming from its earliest days (O’Hara describes playing with a home pong console that sounds like a Telstar to me) to the early Internet days. There is a lot of information about classic products, which I always enjoy, and lots of personal memories, which I enjoy as well. My favorite of the latter was his story of how a guy abused the chicken nuggets he had purchased for a friend at a copyfest. LOL indeed.

I know the Commodore 64 is much loved here on The Retroist blog, and so I know we’ll all enjoy that aspect of the book. I also know all of us have had experiences like O’Hara had, not just the computer experiences but the human experiences, so I know we’ll all enjoy that aspect of it as well. At .99 cents for the Kindle Version, it is a steal. Make sure to give it a try, and also make sure to never ask O’Hara to pick up chicken nuggets for you.


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