Retroist Pinball Challenge #1: Completed!

Friends, the first Retroist Pinball Challenge, which featured the Pinball FX2 Iron Man table has been completed and I dare say the winning score is completely jaw-dropping. The recipient of the High-Score Pinball crown and the 1600 Microsoft Point code goes to HeathenSauce with a more than impressive 136,056,866 points!

Please join me in a round of applause for HeathenSauce and his pinball skills, he is the 19th best player on the Iron Man table…in the world! I believe a bit of music is in order for that feat!


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2 thoughts on “Retroist Pinball Challenge #1: Completed!

  1. Chad H says:

    Very nice! Congrats!

    Who else is playing these Pinball Challenges? We all need to become friends on Xbox so we can compare scores.

    My gamertag on there is:
    xxxx Chad xxxx
    (there are spaces between the x’s and the Chad)

    Please post your gamertag if you are in on this pinball challenge!

  2. You did very well yourself, Chad H.! We might be going back to the Game Room for the next challenge, not sure yet. I’ve planned on rotating them but sometimes I have to wait until I can afford to purchase the prizes. :)

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