Original Unused Cap’n Crunch Cereal Premium Art

Hake’s is in the midst of of auction #203 and it is a treasure trove of high quality retro finds. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, you really should spend some time today browsing their collections. I find something new everyday. While browsing cereal art I stumbled upon something that would look great on my wall. Original cereal premium art that was never used. You heard me right, someone had the foresight to preserve and protect the original art that appeared on the back of cereal boxes even for premiums that were never used.

I found 4 for Cap’n Crunch all of which would make amazing conversation starters. They have The Exploding Submarine, Pirate Treasure Duel, Wheel House Medallion (exceptional) and The Pirate Cannon (pictured below).


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