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More Retro Writings

I’ve been doing some reading and I’ve got a couple more retro writings I have to share with you. The first is Retro Gaming Hacks. It is by the same guy who wrote Game Console Hacking. While that book was about how to make classics consoles portable, this one is […]

Keebler Magic Middles

I was all over the soft batch cookie craze and as the 1980s rolled along I found that Keebler could do no wrong. Each achievement in cookie technology seemed to top the last. Yet on of their crowning achievements in cookie tech was for some reason taken from us. I […]

Clever Re-use of Retro TV Cases

Mid Century Modern Atomic Indy has some high quality posts, but I started searching around on the web for the something to do with a broken TV case when I found this neat DIY project for taking an old portable TV set and turning into a retro conversation starter. Just […]