8-bit Version of the Theme to Faulty Towers

I have a list in my head of TV themes I want to hear in 8-bit. Faulty Towers was not in my top 10 until I heard this version by Peachy. Now I do not want to hear it any other way. As soon as I hit play, I saw the graphics for the splash screen for the game in my head. The only problem, it was a Mastertronic game!

Faulty towers by Peachy


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2 thoughts on “8-bit Version of the Theme to Faulty Towers

  1. Okay…this is fantastic as always, Peachy. You’ve never failed to impress me with your musical talent…but this is music from the Faulty Towers Atari 2600 game…that somehow the BBC forget to make. ;)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This would make a great Atari game where you have to hurry and close doors to keep patrons and a hotel inspector out while you try capture a loose alligator in the kitchen.

    Okay I might have played that one in a fever dream after listening to Peachy’s version for the umpteenth time.

    But indeed, Retroist, with my luck, I’d’ve read excitedly about this in the 80s, only to have it turned out as a three level platformer by Mastertronic where you jump over rats and chairs (or – better – rats sitting on chairs) .
    I’m sure they would’ve had a great splash screen intro, though (cuz I had Chiller and it kinda sucked but not really and it had a neat intro image and you get the gist k’bye).

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