Tim-Mee Galaxy Laser Team

Tim-Mee Galaxy Laser Team

Just about nothing makes me happier than remembering a toy I had forgotten or definitively identifying a toy I could barely recall. Sean Hartter’s Space Creatures helped me remember those little guys. It also led me to rediscover the Tim-Mee Galaxy Laser Team, little plastic space characters. I had lots of Tim-Mee “processed plastic” toys, but the Galaxy Laser Team (also known as the Star Patrol) were my favorites. Truth be told, they were as much rip-offs Star Wars and Buck Rogers as the Space Creatures were rip-offs of classic sci-fi monsters, and I really couldn’t figure out why some of them were hot pink and what the girl with the computer was supposed to add to the equation, but I really loved the robot and turtle monster.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Thanks for posting that – I have never heard of them before, but I actually have one of those small plastic guys that I found a while back in a box with some other random old figures/toys. I had no idea what it was until I just saw your post and recognized it as one of the space guys in the photos – so finally I can close that mystery. I’ve been wondering how old it is.

  2. oh MAN, TOTALLY forgot about these guys and certainly never knew what they were called! Thanks Doug! I think an artistic rendering of the set might be in order…

  3. Sean, I’d love to see that.

  4. Ohhhhhhshiiiit!!! Remember these too much! They were in one of the toy catalogues from about 1981. Some of my friends had them. I seem to remember bigger sets that had 3 stage rockets? We played with these guys at the pool. I’m currently trying to get ahold of some.

  5. Hmm…. Does anyone happen to know if this tim-mee company ever made a retro-futuristic moon base playset? I once had such a playset that I got used, and it included a couple plastic spacesuit guys identical to ones in this set. I always thought the figures were native to the playset, but it’s possible that a previous owner just tossed them in with it.

    Beyond that, I never had these toys. I had the classic army men, and some brightly colored cowboys & indians, as well as some zoo animals, but no space people.

  6. I am rather late to this party, but got here indirectly thanks to the No Signal! game blog.

    The “Star Patrol With X-Wing Rocket” bag o’ figures were some of my most beloved toys from my childhood. I had forgotten what they were called, and about gave up searching for them.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Doug,

    I was working with the current owners of Tim Mee last year to get the classic M-16 Army Men back into production and found out they still had other old molds, including the GLT figures. I didn’t know exactly what they were at the time, but your blog helped me identify them, and I knew we had to get these reissued. It took a while, but we were finally able to get a small production run and they turned out great.

    Drahken, Tim Mee may have produced a ‘Moonbase’ type set that included these figures. The manufacturer has shown me a pic of a 66 piece ‘Star Battle’ boxed set that included a large gray crater mountain along and card stock accessories of a communications tower, satellite dish, and landing pad. The set also shows a couple modern fighter jets in addition to the X-Wing Rocket Ships. The crater mountain is the same piece that was included in the Tim Mee Jungle Kingdom and Battle Mountain Playsets.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  8. Are/were marx and tim mee the same company? Doing some image searches brought back some people figures that look right and are claimed to be tim mee, but some vehicle/building pieces that look right but are claimed to be marx.
    All 3 of these people look like ones from the set: http://www.thelogbook.com/toy/images/tim-mee/full/fodder.jpg

    The bubble tower & ring station look exactly like the ones I rememer (color notwithstanding), and the dual radar tower and waffle iron looking thing look vaguely familiar: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/toysoldierhq/zmxapollo1.jpg

    The tank like vehicles in the front of this pic also look like ones from the set: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/toysoldierhq/zmxapollo2.jpg

    Unlike the toys in most of those pics though, all of the pieces in my set were the same shade of white. I did get the set used, so it’s entirely possible that a previous owner mixed toys from different lines (although it seems odd that they would wind up with all the same shade of white in such a case).

  9. Jeff, that’s awesome, do you have any pics?

  10. Hi Drahken,

    Marx and Tim Mee were never part of the same company. Marx was the ‘Cadillac’ producer of boxed sets, while Tim Mee was the king of dime-store bagged figures. Tim Mee didn’t produce many different vehicles compared to Marx. The moon vehicles in the links you show look like 60’s era Marx items. If your astronauts were pink and/or bright green, then they’re almost certainly from Tim Mee’s GLT set. If they’re gray they’re from something different. The GLT astronauts look (to me) like they were copied from an earlier astronaut set. I’m not sure which manufacturer originally made them though.

    This figure looks like the original figure the GLT astronaut was copied from: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78996361/1960s-toy-astronaut-figure

  11. Hi Doug,
    I’m absolutely amazed about finding these characters outside Argentina. I was always convinced they were the companion figures of a cartoon called “Ekaton, the people lost in space”, that was part in 1980 of the “Anteojito” magazine for children. Take a look at this:
    Episode 1: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?3g2on5wdv741qpq
    Episode 2: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?qpxa9ch5hcvfnv3
    Episode 3: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?mbut5dvx71zgu43
    Episode 4: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?osy8p6ruaf82o86
    Unfortunately I could find the last episode, and nobody of less than 40 years old seems to remember it!
    I’ve read from Jeff’s post that the series is being re issued, do you know where can I buy them?
    Thanks and regards from buenos Aires.

  12. I meant comics, not cartoon, sorry

  13. Found this blog looking for pics of the GLT. I remember them well from my childhood and wanted to add some personal experience to the discussion. When these figures first came out, they also debuted with their accessories in kid size format … One of the parent companies sold the ray gun and space helmet (separately) that the Han Solo type figure is using / wearing, the ray rifle that the “Chewbacca” alien is clutching and the laser sword that the “Vader” type character is holding high.

    The laser sword was interesting because it had a kind of baffle in the hollow plastic blade which, when you turned the sword on, it would emit light and as you swung it, the baffle would travel down the length of the hollow blade, letting light flow down the blade behind the baffle thus creating a kind of simulation of a blade of light being energized or being ignited. When you held the sword blade up, the baffle slid back down the tube turning the “blade” off by eventually covering up the light bulb in the handle … a problem in the design since when did you want to bring your laser sword up and to the ready only to have it turn itself off?

    The X-Wing Rocket included in some bags of the figures was also marketed separately by MPC, in a much larger format (I’d say about 1/48 scale), and had an opening front section exposing the pilot inside. This X-Wing Rocket was simply a modified version of MPC’s F16 fighter jet offering with double the number of wings spread in an “X” shape to meet the demand for Star Wars-esque type space fighter designs. You can still find them in the large format on Ebay … I purchased a red / white colored one two years ago and hung it from the ceiling in my study. It generates some amount of conversation when people see it.

    It should also be noted that the two NASA astronauts included in the GLT, the “howdy” pose and the “Geiger counter” pose figures, were just larger versions of the same two figures that were included for years with MPC’s three stage Apollo / Saturn V rocket toy … the one with the spring loaded command capsule which shot off when you squeezed two triggers on the side of the rocket.

    During the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, these toys were available at my local Woolco store though the figures in the pack were also available at a local Ben Franklin five and dime type store.

  14. Christopher, thanks for the info. I think I remember the larger accessories.

  15. I never saw the point of the girl just standing there next to the computer, either.

    I remember some kids have the big scale versions of the characters.

    I see a green X-Wing rocket in one of those photos? The ones I remember where always pink top, white bottoms, or white tops, pink bottoms.

  16. Hey Jerry,

    That’s a rockin’ GLT collection, is that pink Lurtle about to Teebo?
    Do you mind if I post your pic on the new GLT facebook page?

    In related news, the GLT Reissues have been well received (except for some grumbles about the lack of neon colors), and will hopefully be joined by a resurrected set of 1970’s Tim Mee dinosaurs this fall. I’m looking for feedback on colors.

    Thanks to everyone who picked up a set!

  17. Feel free to use the pic Jeff!

  18. Great stuff. I remember these as a kid. I never actually knew what the heck they were called. It seemed between the Army Men sets, the Cowboys and Indians sets and these what I called Space mens sets they all seemed generic and were sold under different names in Canada and usually found in discount stores. It awesome to see that there was an official brand on these as I always thought they were cool.

    Thanks for this bro!

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