Retroist Pinball Challenge: Iron Man

Friends, the Retroist Game Room Challenge has finally returned as well as mutated just a teensy bit, we are now expanding the Challenge to the incredible Pinball FX2 selection of tables on the Xbox Live Arcade. For our first Pinball Challenge we are going with the Marvel Comic’s Iron Man themed table!

The rules are the same as the Game Room Challenge, make sure you are in my friends list on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Unicron2005, later this evening I will begin to send out the challenges on the table. After 7 days whichever Video Warrior has the high-score will also get the High Score Crown for bragging rights and a 1600 Microsoft Point Code!


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8 thoughts on “Retroist Pinball Challenge: Iron Man

  1. Chad H says:

    I’m in.

    My Xbox name is
    xxxx Chad xxxx

    Sorry, annoying handle, it is 4 x’s… a space… Chad.. another space.. then 4 x’s.

    I assume we all have to be friends to see each others scores? Please send me friend invites. (I am alread friends with Unicron2005.)

  2. I already see some just jaw dropping scores on the tables…I’ll still give it my best shot though!

    Hope everyone has fun with it. :)

  3. Chad H says:

    Who is playing? I am new and right now I am only friends with Unicron2005. I would love to see all the scores so I know what I am up against.

    xxxx Chad xxxx


  4. Mordrach says:

    Wow, I just found out about this, as I’ve been on vacation. I hope we’ll do this again soon…

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