Remote Control 10,000-piece Lego Sandcrawler

Always been a fan of the Lego Sandcrawler and always been a bigger fan of Lego. Put them together and you got me hooked. Marshal Banana, a Lego genius, has assembled a working Sandcrawler out of over 10K lego that can

– Drive forward reverse
– Change Directions
– Open and Close the Main Ramp
– Move the crane
– Move the conveyor belt

In addition the this has a full interior on three floors in the front half of the model and a detailed cockpit (removable roof) second crane in the back of the workshop, lighted smelter.

Want to see it in action?

marshal banana [via] dvice


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2 thoughts on “Remote Control 10,000-piece Lego Sandcrawler

  1. vinvectrex says:

    That is one of the most amazing Lego creation’s I’ve ever seen. I’d say the most amazing ever, but the gigantic Lego Hoth diorama gives it a run for its money. Marshal is a true genius.

  2. This is just a thing of beauty…I’ve said it before but I wish I had this much talent when working with Legos. I want to see what Kill Screen 256 thinks about this creation! :)

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