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Masters of the Universe Mall Toy Display 1986

This came over the twitter via The Robot’s Pajama, who has done a great writeup on it. I was so happy after watching it, it is the best thing i have watched all week, that I needed to post it today. It shows a Masters of the Universe Mall Toy event in all its glory back in 1986.

If this does not make you happy, dogs probably bark at you constantly. Why? Because you have no soul (dogs know this stuff).

He-Man Rules the Mall [via] The Robot’s Pajamas


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5 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Mall Toy Display 1986

  1. Hey thanks for the link. I have to agree about the dogs barking thing. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t enjoy this. Either they have no souls or are secretly aliens.

  2. @Doug – I think I would rather watch this video for 2 hours than the movie again.

    @Vincent – A great find — Stopped me dead in my tracks

  3. Oh…I really want to get my hands on that Hordak costume. If I hit the lottery I think I need to construct a facade on the front of the house to look like Greyskull…and I’ll just stand outside it all day in that Hordak costume. ;)

    Absolutely fantastic video, Vincent, bravo!

  4. McK says:

    AWESOME!! I remember this display coming to my local mall, and it’s exactly as my then 5 year old mind remembered. I don’t quite remember a scary Hordak or the live-action scene inside, but definitely the outside of the display, and the set-up of the figures. I also got a sweet free poster. Pretty sure this was the one: http://www.poeghostal.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/horde_poster.jpg

    This is the last thing I would have ever imagined seeing again!

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