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Retroist Pinball Challenge: Iron Man

Friends, the Retroist Game Room Challenge has finally returned as well as mutated just a teensy bit, we are now expanding the Challenge to the incredible Pinball FX2 selection of tables on the Xbox Live Arcade. For our first Pinball Challenge we are going with the Marvel Comic’s Iron Man […]

Statler and Walforf On “Muppet Babies”

I had no idea the old man hecklers of Statler and Waldorf made a cameo on Muppet Babies. They were apparently the only “adults” (even when the other Muppets were babies, Statler and Waldorf were still old) whose faces were seen. They are also not as cranky, a trait that […]

Cylon…Lite Writer?

I stumbled across this ad for a Cylon Lite Writer this morning while reading through issue six of the Marvel Comics series, Shogun Warriors. I’m not sure if I’m craving the pen more or a Mallo Cup at this moment…nah, I would rather have the Cylon pen!