Too Close for Comfort “Monroe Rape” Episode to Air Tomorrow on Antenna TV

I have gotten about a dozen emails in the last two days alerting me to an important bit of retro TV news. Antenna TV will be airing the rarely seen Too Close for Comfort “Monroe Rape” Episode. This is your chance to catch the cult favorite, so check your local listings and set this recording devices. Poor Monroe will be glad you did.

monroe rape too close for comfort


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14 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort “Monroe Rape” Episode to Air Tomorrow on Antenna TV

  1. Matt Stilwell says:

    I looked for the channel in my area and it listed an over the air (regular tv channel) channel, but I have cable so that doesn’t help. They also listed a channel 251, but my cable lineup doesn’t have a channel 251. I checked the Comcast website, but it’s in the lineup. Even in the channels that I don’t get. I looked through every channel. No Antenna TV. Sucks. I’ve heard so much about this episode and I’d really like to see it. Maybe we’ll be able to find it online someday.

  2. Scott says:

    Its on my Antenna TV channel today at 5:30 PM Indiana time (Eastern). I am on Comcast cable.

  3. tcv says:

    It’s on my TV right now. Houston, TX – Comcast ch. 315

    They just had a scene where Henry Rush tells Monroe that he thought Monroe was a better man. Monroe doesn’t want to confront the people, I guess. (I missed the earlier parts.)

    Honestly, I didn’t know there was all this hullaballoo about this episode.

  4. tcv says:

    Live blog: Henry and Muriel were having sex. (IMPLICATION!) Monroe coitus-interrupts them to say he wants to confront the people.

  5. tcv says:

    Henry and Monroe are trying to re-enact the scene to remember how it all went down. “…the Tenderloin District.” Good steaks there?

  6. tcv says:

    Henry and Munroe are now and the scene of the crime, the “Dixie Arms.” Munroe brought a spoon for jello. (Wat?) Monroe knocked on the door, lightly at first, then someone opened the door who Monroe identified as the “little one.” Monroe ran away. Henry was pulled into the apartment and the woman sat on him.

  7. tcv says:

    The “little one” attempted to force Henry into the bed. He refused to cooperate. The “little one” called for “Monica.” Monica comes out and is clear a tall man in a dress. This might pass for attractive. I am unsure. Henry runs into the bed, which is a murphy bed. The bed folds back into the wall. … And scene. This is a cliff hanger, I think. Right now, relatively old people are riding some kind of “stairlift.”

  8. tcv says:

    Back at the apartment, Monroe is telling Muriel what happened. Apparently Muriel called the police and they rescued him as Henry is brought back to the apartment by a cop. Monroe feels now that it’s his responsibility to file a complaint. Monroe wants to shop for shoes along the way. The cop agrees. (Is Monroe a homosexual?) There’s some light banter between Monroe and Henry… something about Henry not being really there for Monroe. Hahaha. Scene and show.

  9. tcv says:

    Hey, this seems like a pretty good channel. Sanford and Son, Benny Hill (eh….), Three Stooges, Good Times, Monkees, Partridge Family, Maude, Soap, Too Close for Comfort, Three’s Company, etc.

    Then there’s Hazel. Eeewwwwwww…

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