X-Men: First Class – Havok (Spoilers)

Thanks to the Marvel Comics YouTube channel for this glimpse of Scott Summer’s (Cyclops) older brother, Havok, in action. This Friday X-Men: First Class will hit theatres nationwide! Remember to visit this Link and announce who you would side with in the Marvel Mutant Universe, Magneto or Prof. X, to be eligible for the chance to win one of two awesome X-Men T-shirts from Junk Food Tees!


In the comics, Havok is actually the young brother of Scott Summers, but in the Marvel Movie Universe things get changed quite a bit.


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3 thoughts on “X-Men: First Class – Havok (Spoilers)

  1. Matt Stilwell says:

    No kidding, they changed things. They’ve got Havok being something like 30 or 40 years older than Cyclops. I shudder to think what they’d do with Cyclops and Havok’s space pirate dad, Corsair.

  2. I get the feeling this might all be a big reboot, Matt. Don’t take that to the bank or anything, just a personal opinion. :)

  3. McK says:

    Unless it’s been stated somewhere already that they were definitey turning Havok into Cyclops’ (MUCH) older brother, I have a feeling that Havok will actually be Cyclops’ FATHER in this film.

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