Great Moments In Retro History

Here is it. The moment I describe in ANESthetized. The moment I got the Nintendo Entertainment System. I happen to be looking at what I think is a tiny walkman radio in the picture, but you can see the boxed Control Deck behind me and on top of it the Epyx joystick. And while I might have a stupid orange bandana around my neck for some unknown reason, I can’t deny that this was a seminal occasion, an occasion that would affect my life for the next quarter of a century and counting.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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4 thoughts on “Great Moments In Retro History

  1. Jason K. says:

    Nice! And in an odd coincidence, I actually just picked up a NES with one controller, hook-ups, and 2 games (Mario Bros. 2 and Spy Hunter) off the curb this morning, as it was garbage day in my town. I saw it sitting there, and couldn’t let the little guy just go to the landfill. Not even sure if it works or not yet….

  2. Doug says:

    Jason, not sure if that’s heartwarming that you found an orphaned NES or heartbreaking that someone would throw an NES away. In any case, congrats. And Vic, thanks for the good words. Hope to get the sequel out sometime…

  3. Fraze says:

    That reminds me of the Christmas of 82, when christmas morning I opened my spanky new C64 and 1541. My god…that was one of the definitive life changing moments in my existence … and I still have it all to this day :)

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