The Terminator on Blu-Ray

The Terminator has been available in HD and Blu-Ray for a while, but recently they just released in in the Blu-Ray Digibook format. I had not picked it up yet and was buying a few other movies and threw it in my cart. Its not a bad little release, the picture decent (although some will complain that their are scratched and atrifacts — I often enjoy having some reminder of a films age), the audio is excellent and in a really nice twist this digibook actually has some extras included. Not a ton, but you get:

– Deleted scenes
– Creating the Terminator: Visual Effects & Music
– Terminator: A Retrospective

Not bad for a budget release, but much like the Rocky release, I think you should just keep your eyes open for it to drop in price. I imagine it will drop pretty quickly.

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