TV Thursday: Hardcastle and McCormick (1983)

True story. During family dinners as we sat in the living room I would generally be the one who determined what was being watched, for the TV series Hardcastle and McCormick though this was not to be the case. I was however allowed to watch the intro of the show every week as a concession.

Created and produced by Stephen J. Cannell productions and starring the late great Brian Keith as Judge Milton C. Hardcastle, and Daniel Hugh Kelley as Mark McCormick, the series debuted on ABC in 1983 and lasted until 1986.

Thanks to the all knowing Wikipedia for this description of the series:

“The show’s premise involves the retirement of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Milton C. “Hardcase” Hardcastle. With file drawers filled with 200 criminals who got off on technicalities, he takes a page from his childhood hero, the Lone Ranger, and makes plans to go after these criminals. Mark McCormick is a smart-mouthed, streetwise car thief who is looking at hard time for his latest theft, a prototype sports car, called the Coyote X, designed by his murdered best friend. Together they strike a deal: Hardcastle helps Mark catch the murderer; Mark agrees to be released as the Judge’s right hand man. In addition, Mark is allowed to keep the Coyote, which proves to be an excellent pursuit vehicle for their needs.”

Mike Post and Pete Carpenter were responsible for the popular “Drive” theme song, with vocals by David Morgan. Mike Post has done a few other notable theme songs to series, you’ve might have heard of a few of these:

“The A-Team, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Blossom, CHiPs, The Commish, Doogie Howser, M.D., Hardcastle & McCormick, Hooperman, Hunter, MacGyver, Magnum, P.I., NewsRadio, Profit, Quantum Leap, Renegade, Riptide, Silk Stalkings, Stingray, Tenspeed and Brown Shoe, The White Shadow, Wiseguy, the BBC series Roughnecks, and Law & Order.”

A big thanks to Jaz0220 for uploading the television intro to YouTube!


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  1. I don’t often “forget” about a show I loved, but I totally spaced this one. Is it on Netflix? Is there a DVD set? Am I just spoiled?

  2. Drive!

  3. @mwentworth Friend, I looked on Netflix and didn’t find a listing for it. :(

    @Dax Indeed, friend, indeed!

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